Top 5 apps to improve your wellbeing.


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I’ve spent the last 10 years juggling a busy work life, digestive issues & trying to keep my fitness at an optimum level.

One thing I’ve learnt – if you want to optimise your health, it has to be a holistic approach. You can have the most diverse microbiome in the world but if you’re chronically stressed – your digestion will suffer.

To be cognitively sharp, have sustained energy and optimum digestion, you have to have to cover all bases. These apps can help you hack into mindfulness, improve your sleep and in an emergency – handle anxiety. Very useful to have in your life locker.

1. Headspace

Headspace is a cutely designed guided meditation app and so much more. With targeted meditations led by a former monk on sleep, happiness, productivity, mindful use of technology, and dozens of other topics, Headspace can help you manage mindfulness into a hectic schedule – brilliant when working full-time.

2. Calm

Mediation sound great but all a bit daunting? These guided meditations are perfect for complete novices through seasoned practitioners, and you have your pick when it comes to how long you can dedicate to the app each day. Sleep is important for managing stress, but it’s also one of the first things to become problematic when you’re anxious. 

3. Pacifica

You might have heard about cognitive behavioural therapy. The Pacifica app is based on that therapy. This app helps you to track your mood, daily goals and thought diary as well. To manage your anxiety easier, you can use this app. To manage your stress and anxiety, Pacifica app is a pretty good choice. You can record your own thoughts recognize which thoughts lead you to feel stressed.

4. Sworkit

Don’t have time to exercise? Come on… make time. We all find it hard to motivate ourselves and prioritise time for fitness. 20 minutes, no equipment, no excuses. You can use Sworkit app at home and on the move. Smooth digestion without exercise – it ain’t gunna happen.

5. The Podcast App

The Podcast app might seem like an odd choice but this helps me on so many levels. An hour run or cycle sound like a chore? Lose yourself in a fictional podcast like ‘Welcome to Nightvale’. Learn something new while you’re prepping your food for the next day or wind down with one of the sleep podcasts…and of course, optimise your digestion with ‘The Gutology Podcast’.