Water Filters and Bottles


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Water. Our life source.

Daily consumption recommendations vary based on your activity level and size, but as a rule of thumb you should be looking at drinking 8 cups a day. More if you’re larger and more active, less if you’re smaller.

We either get our water from a tap or a bottle. If it’s coming form a tap you might want to take a look at getting a filter fitted. If it’s from a bottle (re-useable of course!) we recommend you drink from a glass bottle. Let’s go into why and how.

Tap Water Filters

We’re lucky here in Great Britain to have water coming from our taps that isn’t going to infect us. However, there’s some stuff hiding in there, such as chlorine, heavy metals, hormones, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, plastic and micro plastics that could be having long term damaging effects on our gut health.

That’s why we recommend getting your water filtered. Unlike distilled water, filtered water retains key and important minerals.

In Episode 4 of Season 1 of our Podcast we talk about a couple of different ways you can do this.

Freestanding Unit

We highly recommend the free standing Berkey Water Filter. It comes in at £269 (25/05/19), and you’ll need to change the filter once a year at a cost of around £65. You can find it here.

Tap Fitting

If you’re looking to incorporate the filtration system into your tap, then at £218 (25/05/19) The FreshWater Filter is what you’re after. You’ll need to get a professional plumber to fit it, and replace the filter every 6 months, at a rough cost of £70 annually. You can find it here.

Water Bottles

Let’s not improve things by filtering out the plastic and heavy metals, then put our water into a plastic or metal bottle. Instead, a glass bottle is going to avoid undoing any of the hard work done by the filter.

Luckily we’re prone to dropping our bottles. Why luckily? Well it means that it’s forced us to find a glass bottle with a protective outer layer. So that if you accidentally drop yours, it won’t shatter everywhere.

This one from Amazon not only behaves well, it also looks great.