Julia, Founder & Lead Nutritionist

I have been a practising nutritional therapist since 2009 and over the last decade of my practice I have become even more determined to help a much wider audience than I can reach in the confines of my consulting room.

Gut problems are extremely common and the effects can be so debilitating, both physically and emotionally. Imbalances often underlie the rest of the body’s health condition. Therefore, no matter what sort of chronic illness has manifested, I am always looking to fix the gut in order to make for a sustainable healing process. I take a scientific approach and love researching into the microbiome; the data here is rapidly expanding and it is an exciting field to be a part of!

I founded the Gutology project to try to help people with gut problems. The science of the gut is where I always begin and the internet is a hazard in trying to work things out for yourself. So, my aim is to use my knowledge of the science and translate it for you so that you can use it to begin your own healing journey.

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