Here are the first steps to healing your Psoriasis naturally

Psoriasis is chronic, inflammatory skin condition, that develops as a result of the complex interplay between genetics and environmental factors. The gut plays an integral role in the development of psoriasis and modifying the microbiome can have a marked effect on the condition. As with other types of autoimmune disease, the imbalances begin in the gut and this in turn triggers inflammation in a vulnerable part of the body. 

From the Gutology Studio

Julia explains the connection between your gut health and conditions like Psoriasis.

The Gutology Podcast

On the move? You can listen in more detail to Julia discussing what dietary changes she makes and supplements that can benefit people suffering from psoriasis on the podcast. 

Julia Davies
Julia Davies

Julia Davies is one of the leading functional health practitioners in the UK. She is a senior lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, a Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner & host of The Gutology Podcast.