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–London, UK

“After spending years with terrible cramps, bloating and general IBS. I can now eat a varied diet without worrying about the bad symptoms.”

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–Dublin, IRL

“Best thing I did in lockdown! Gutology helped me deal with my reflux and I'm no longer taking longterm medication.”

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–Paris, FR

“Sharon actually listened to me and understood my menopause. I've just had my Gut test results and I have a personal protocol moving forward.”

About Us

What is Gutology

Traditional medicine only deals with your symptoms, not the root cause. At Gutology, your functional practitioner creates an individualised treatment plan based on your entire health history, diet and lifestyle.

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Our approach

How can Gutology help me?

Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. We believe there are many contributing factors to an individual’s illness.

Single condition, multiple causes

Single cause, multiple conditions

Experience Nutrticionists

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All Gutologists are BANT qualified practitioners, that are leading experts in science based nutrition & lifestyle medicine. Tell us about your symptoms and we’ll partner you with an expert Gutologist that specialises in your condition.

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We’re making it easier for you to Optimise your Gut Health with our 24/7 phone app where you can chat with your practitioner, order supplements and keep track of your progress.

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