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The Gutology Podcast

Want to change the way you think about your health forever? The Gutology Project launched in 2017 to educate the world about the benefits of Functional Medicine and Gut Health. Since then our content has consumed by over 300,000 people in 30 countries. Science based, clinically backed information - delivered by the experts. Our Podcast, Youtube and digital resources remain free of charge for everyone.

Gutology now supports people across the world to address their health issues by partnering them with expert practitioners, utilising functional testing and supporting them throughout their journey. The best bit? It can all be done from your home.

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Louise, Uk

"I just got to the point of depair"

The key to a successful outcome is partnering with a practitioner who has experience in your particular symptoms. Clients often come to us frustrated at a 'one size fits all' system. Our practitioners are BANT qualified, fully insured and have extensive training in a functional medicine approach.

Sarah, Devon

"It's changed my daily life"

We generally work with clients over a 4 month intensive period. This allows us to do comprehensive stool testing and create a protocol for our clients, based on actual data. This process allows us to implement changes quickly & sustainably.

Fiona, Suffolk

"It was reassuring for me"

When you finish your journey with Gutology, our aim is to set you up for life-long changes. We create detailed plans to help you maintain the progress you've made and get back to living your life to the full.


How much does it cost?


Standard Practitioner

Starts at

£62 per week

billed monthly

£75 - £250 per session

Comprehensive online consultations

flexible times available

Advanced microbiome & blood testing

delivered to your door

10% off all supplement protocols

with free delivery

Personalised meal planning

created by qualified nutritionists
based on your protocol

Messenger support

get support outside of your appointments

*when you book a 6 session package