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Testing with Gutology

We think most testing is overpriced & inefficient. With The GI Biome+ you can simply add the modules you need - based on your symptoms.

Saving you money on the markers that aren't relevant to you.

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When you book a modular test with Gutology, your test results will be reviewed by a qualified practitoner and delivered in a user friendly report.

You can also utilise your data and connect with a Gutology recommended practitioner, based on your symptoms.

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Ground breaking oral care

Did you know that you swallow nearly a tube of toothpaste every year? What's in yours?

Gutology toothpaste contains hydroxyapatite which remineralises your teeth naturally and is formulated with specific probiotics to support the oral microbiome. It's dentist-approved, fluoride-free and microbiome-friendly.

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Gut friendly Hydration

Many electrolyte drinks are laden with unnecessary sugars and additives.

Enter Hydrate: a drink powered by sea minerals, sourced directly from the untouched Salt Flats of Utah.

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